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Whip A Peel Hair & More by Ann, LLC has been in the hair and skincare business since 2010.  It came about from wanting to help people with hair and skincare issues.  Noticing that just performing services was not enough, Whip A Peel Hair & More decided to create products and more as well. Clients needed to be able to take care of hair and skincare in between appointments. This is what created the "Whip My Way Collection."  Knowing that we need to help our clients even more because hair and skincare also deals with mental and health issues.  We also incorporated life and healthcare services.  We have a Certified Life & Health Coach who's niche is: Relationships, Financial, Personal Issues, Diabetes, Domestic Violence.  "Save Myself Life and Health Coach"

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My Story

I have been a native of Denver, Colorado since 1968.  Growing up, I always thought that I would be in the military and retire from the Army.  But life had a different route for me due to health issues with my heart that stopped me from going in.  Decided to go to a trade school and learn a different trait, that did not work out for me.  Knowing how to do hair starting braiding people's hair for money and working odd jobs.  Then the month before my 21st birthday, I had my twin boys and then got married on my 21st birthday.  Had another son and adopted a little girl.  Got divorced and remarried and he passed away. in the meantime, I went to business school, nursing school, and beauty school. Still just surviving to raise my children I also did homes loans and business documents for extra money.  Still doing hair, I just decided to move forward and hard while living in Texas.  I then moved back to Colorado due to my dad having medical issues and dying from cancer.  I didn't have any hair clients Colorado, so I went back into healthcare.  I worked healthcare and another job until Covid.  Not being able to work I started doing hair out of my house while staying safe and gaining more clients.  Went to SisterLocks(tm) training and got certified in Life and Health Coach services.  I am all so certified in 4D Lipo, Permanent Make-up, Dermabrasion. I am also a certified trainer in permanent makeup. I am the creator of "Whip It My Way," products and Life & Health Coach of "Save Myself Life & Health Coach."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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